Kango North Iron Ore Project

Gabon Kango North is a ‘’Green Steel’’ DRI iron ore project in Gabon located 80km east of Libreville. The project boasts an impressive infrastructure network, including three hydropower plants, well-maintained sealed roads, modern ports, and a bustling airport.


•410 km² landholding •87 km by road (10 km build required) to Kango navigable estuary, 80 km barging to OGV transshipment.

•Tchimbélé (68 MW), Kinguélé (57 MW) and Kinguélé Aval (35 MW) hydroelectric dams within 20 km of the Project.

•Large resource potential paired with low impurity DTR results averaging 69.7% Fe. Excellent DTR mass recoveries averaging 49.2% indicate opportunity for lower-cost production.

•Starter 6.7 Mtpa project delivers (after tax); -NPV US $1.123M -Initial Capex; $642M -72% IRR for initial 31-year mine life