Development Assets

At Ropa, our portfolio of development assets represents the cornerstone of our commitment to resource excellence and responsible stewardship. With unwavering dedication, we cultivate these assets, ensuring their potential is harnessed for the benefit of our stakeholders and the regions where we operate.


Our development assets encompass promising mineral deposits across 19 countries in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa. These assets are strategically selected for their rich resource potential, underpinned by our belief in sustainable development and responsible resource extraction.

As we progress with our development projects, we prioritize best-in-class practices that uphold environmental standards, minimize ecological impact, and champion the well-being of local communities. Our pursuit of resource excellence extends from exploration and geological assessment to advanced engineering and state-of-the-art extraction techniques. Together, we are unlocking the true value of these development assets and contributing to the sustainable growth of the global mineral resources sector.